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A not-for-profit support and advocacy organization for cruise ship victims and their families.



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We are amazed at the number of crimes and criminal activity that occur on cruises, especially the number of physical & sexual assaults (including rapes) as well as the number of "suicides" and "accidental overboards/lost at sea". We also find it amazing the lack of oversight given to the cruise industry; their so called handling of the "investigations"; their lack of action in trying to prevent future crimes; and most of all, their lack of real concern/compassion for victims and their families. It seems that the most important thing to the cruise ship industry is their "reputation".

We believe that the cruise lines should be held responsible for the security, safety and welfare of all their passengers while onboard the cruise companies ships, this site and link are provided as a courtesy to

We wish all cruise ship victims and their families success in their search for answers and justice.